Barbara Bukowski

Barbara Bukowski started designing and sewing teddy bears for her two sons over twenty years ago. 


   At this time, the teddy bear tradition in Scandinavia was very          limited, apart from a few single craftsmen who made small scale   collections or occasional single teddies. These were often very expensive and not intended for the bigger market. Mrs Bukowski exhibited her collection at a small fair in Sweden, and was warmly and widely supported by attendees. From wide support grew inspiration, and the Bukowski teddy bears family was born. 


Today, Bukowski Design one of the leading companies in Europe in design, 
manufacture, marketing and sales of teddy bears and other soft animals.


Every Bukowski bear has their own name, and is distinguished by their individual character based on personalities from all parts of the world. Many of our collections are dedicated to individuals or families that have inspired Mrs. Bukowski along her long and successful journey.


These descriptions may be found on the enclosed paper tag, on each product. 


We would love to warmly introduce you to our Australian collection!


Love X